Gemini CDJ-700

Gemini CDJ-700

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Последно известна цена (10.02.2018): 720,00 лв

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Professional media controller for DJs that offers incredible flexibility, allowing playback from CDs, SD cards and USB memory devices in a variety of file formats (MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF). Its full-colour 3.5 TFT touch-sensitive display screen with contrast adjustment and comprehensive waveform display allows navigating between folders and tracks, adjusting tempo and even setting effect values all on one intuitive surface. The large, 8 high-resolution jog wheel with three selectable modes (Search/Pitch Bend/Scratch Effect with Slip Mode and Reverse) allows operating of Cue, Scratch, Slip and Loop Adjust functions, while a display screen in the middle of the wheel indicates the mode, track position and slip position. Jog wheel’s resistance can be further fine-tuned for a custom feel. The Master Tempo mode enables tempo adjustment without changing the original pitch of the track or tweak away with the Pitch Control fader. Also, thanks to its MIDI capabilities, the parameters of compatible DJ software can be controlled right from the unit and the audio routed through its 24-bit/192 kHz soundcard. Controller provides six DSP-powered effects (Filter, Flanger, Echo, Wah, Trance and Bubble) with Dry/Wet level control. Additional functions like Pitch Bend, Hot Cueing, Reverse and Loop Sections, along with versatile BPM options (auto, manual and BPM lock), round out the collection of professional features that fully complement the controller’s user-friendly design. Apart from USB type B port and soundcard slot it provides stereo RCA outputs and S/PDIF digital audio outputs. Dimensions: 337 x 305 x 103.5 mm. Weight: 3.9 kg. Продукт известен още и като CDJ 700, CDJ700

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